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"Electric Feel" is a blue-eyed disco ballad, much groovier than anything surrounding it.

R&B has since seeped further into the fabric of underground music made by white kids, but MGMT's version more closely resembled the tongue-in-cheek homages of Beck's Midnite Vultures than the tortured feelings-delivery of a How to Dress Well record.

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"We've always taken this approach to doing interviews that's super-casual and sarcastic and kind of self-deprecating," admits Van Wyngarden, the more reserved and introspective of the pair, as he and Goldwasser eat lunch at a west London café.

No judgement or anything — we’re actually kinds jealous!

MGMT predestined its current suffering with its first single: The East Coast band's big, bouncy 2008 smash, "Time to Pretend," turned two art-rock kids into festival headliners.

And despite neither Harry or Camille commenting on the rumours, his pal Nick Grimshaw almost gave the game away when he hooked Harry up to a heart monitor and showed him a picture of Camille, to find out what excites him, in an interview last month.

I'm sure she's wonderful."Oh, I think this is delayed from Camille", Nick cheekily said.


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