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Lange in Paris, where she moved to study with the mime Etienne Decroux, Marcel Marceau’s mentor; Shepard in New York, and then London, where he fled to escape an increasingly druggy scene.Both married early — she to Paco Grande in 1970, when she was 21; he to O-Lan Jones in 1963, when he was 26 and the bride was 19 — and then divorced. However, she often confounds peoples expectations, and particularly those within the LGBT commnity, when she refuses to lable, or let other people define, her sexuality.It's a funny thing when actors complain, like, "I didn't ask for this; I just wanted to act." Well, in a perfect world we'd all just be able to act and none of this would be part of it, but it is a part of it—this is part of it—and on some level, it comes with the territory.

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Acting heavyweights Jessica Lange and Sam Shepard—who never married but had been a couple since 1982—have separated, a rep for Lange confirms to E! But it sounds as if their fans are going to have a harder time dealing with the breakup than they are, because..., which first reported the news, quotes a source saying that the exes have been "pursuing independent lives" for some time now.

They love horses, are publicity shy (he more prominently than she), and have, quite purposely, stayed far away from Los Angeles.

In past relationships, neither has been monogamous: Shepard had an affair with Patti Smith early in his marriage; when Shepard and Lange met, he was still with Jones, and she was dating Mikhail Baryshnikov.

The Oscar-winning actresses rocked contrasting outfits to the red carpet event Wednesday night.

Lange, 67, stars as Joan Crawford and Sarandon, 70, plays Bette Davis in the limited series that tells the story of one of the most infamous and bitterest rivalries in Hollywood movie-making history.


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