Dating a warranted flask bottle

My only complaint is the performance isn't great on my skin. I have trouble detecting the incense in both versions of BDC. Likewise Bleu is definitely a crowd pleaser, but I prefer people to enjoy the way I smell as opposed to being offended. Some guys wear a particular scent primarily to be attractive to women, and they also really like the scent themselves.I'm not sure how some say they get 8 or more hours from this EDT, but I am fairly lucky to get 4. To my nose the EDT has even less of any incense, smokey quality. The EDT has a more of a sharper, piercing feel to it than the EDP. The opening is like a garden and pool surrounded by a lush mirage of palm fronds, fescue grass and tropical flowers on a warm summer evening. Perhaps the first group of men don't care if women love a particular scent, they judge it for themselves. BDC may seem "unoriginal" or unexciting to some noses, but based on why you buy and wear perfume, keep in mind as another writer said this scent is almost universally loved by women, AND I might point out, most women cite it as being "masculine", not unisex or feminine--yuck.On a hot summer day I got about four hours of longevity. I pick up lush notes of grapefruit, fresh-cut grass, airy sea salt, petrichor, and cannon ball tree flower. If you are looking for something you can wear day or night, hot or cold, casual or formal, then look no further. Some women love uber-masculine colognes like Aramis, Brut, or maybe Kouros and the like, but many women today are attracted to more subtle, yet noticeably masculine smells.The heart of Bleu is virile and musky and has a delightful ginger/nutmeg/jasmine accord which adds just enough warm masculine floral energy to the composition. the ginger and nutmeg is what makes it different/ interesting its definitely better/crisper than AXE, dooode. when it comes down to it, its going to be an issue of price point & branding. This stuff smells amazing, and I have yet to find anyone who disagrees. That's why Acqua Di Gio has been so popular with the ladies.According to the 1871 Saratoga City Directory, the Congress & Empire Spring Co.owned their own glassworks and bottling house, indicating that it was a fairly profitable company. Mineral water bottle embossed with, “HIGHROCK CONGRESS SPRINGS/C&W/SARATOGA NY.” This spring is located in Saratoga, New York.

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Whether this is a Greener or perhaps one of the very similar single-barrel guns made by Cordes & Rechten of Bremerhaven, Germany, circa 1856, I cannot say. Incidentally, there is another site which provides quite good looking reproduction harpoons forged with the correct slotted shank with ring, at reasonable prices. Steel guard, grip with original shagreen and silver wire wrap (wear to inboard/reverse shagreen indicates sword was carried a good deal).

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Aventus celebrates strength, vision and success, inspired by the dramatic life of war, peace and romance lived by Emperor Napoleon.

The flask may date from 1870 - 1890, but the exact date is unknown. White's establishment was very plainly identified as a saloon. Gordon's business in Milton as a bar, and in 1890 it was reported that there were two saloons in _______________ Note that the label states that the John W. was formerly of Ronda, North Carolina, which is a town in Wilkes County, North Carolina (northwest portion of the state). Ronda was named after a nearby estate called "Roundabout", which was the residence of Benjamin Cleveland, a locally prominent planter and a colonel in the North Carolina militia during the Revolutionary War.

_______________ Warranted Flask: They were made in great quantity (millions) around the turn of the century.


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