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DMX had released two #1 albums in 1998, and occupied a hardcore space in mainstream Hip-Hop that pulled from ONYX, Scarface, and an artist he was often compared to in Tupac Shakur.Earl Simmons brought a jailhouse mentality to the top of had their catchy hits, but were anchored by sinister themes, personal confessions, and a man who truly identified himself as a cornered dog.

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This was around the time that a then 17-year-old Rihanna was signed by Jay Z and released her debut single On De Replay., Jay Z and DMX had vastly different demeanors on wax, on stage, and as celebrities.While both were pillars of Rap-made-right and suddenly sex symbols, they only overlapped in skill and love of the art. She was a female rapper that was signed to Rocafella Records and has also been paired up with Jay-Z.The two were rumored to be dating from 1998-2000 and she was supposedly dropped from The Roc after continuously fighting with Jay's assistants and gaining weight.In many couplings, the person tasked with handing over their credit card is essentially putting quarters into dating's claw machine, hoping that another chance to eat together, or perhaps a light fondling session, will be snapped up in the mechanical vice grip of love.


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