Updating to cfw 5 00 m33

OH and one more thing, before i do this on my psp i will be able to access the store afterwards won't i??

thanks in advance guys =] To be safe, I updates to 5.50 GEN-A, then 5.50 Gen-B, then 5.50 GEN-B2, then 5.50 GEN-D and finally 5.50 GEN-D2.

The current version of the software, 6.61, was made available on January 15, 2015.

It is a minor update released more than three years after the release of the previous version 6.60 in 2011.

Danish, German, English (United States), Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (simplied), Chinese (traditional).

The Play Station Portable system software is the official firmware for the Play Station Portable.

Just released yesterday I believe by Dark Alexvisit his site to see all recent CFWs here, (dead link)or just download 5.00 M33 here via Rapidshare.(dead link)legal Sony system software Firmware 5.00 specifics and download at official site here (dead link)The big thing to talk about here with this new update is the add of web abilities, this includes the Playstation Store of course mentioned in my earlier post.

Constantly updating Firmware could be a pain in the you know where, but I guess it can't be helped since it is Sony's decision.

ok so my mate was saying today that i should upgrade from 5.00-m33-6 to 5.00GEN if i wanna access the playstation store becuz they recently had an update so now 5.00-m33-6 users cannot access the store.

Some newer games of course require more than just a version check, the new firmwares may contain updated api libraries, things that can’t be spoofed, etc and this may not work with.

HOWEVER, PSone classics should not be a problem since its functionality most likely is a given and for the most part is in its final state/version.


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