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Artemis was sharping her knives, but she kept glancing at the door, frowning, and then continuing with her knife."I DON'T CARE HOW MUCH IT IS! Artemis rolled her eyes and pulled Hermes outside of the throne room."Hey," she said, "where's Apollo? After the meeting, Apollo grabbed Hermes and pulled him away from earshot."Did Martha and George tell you my message? "Apollo ran his hands threw his hair and glanced around nervously. "I was supposed to meet her at our usual spot and she's usually there before me, but she wasn't there. I went to her house and asked her mom, but she said she never came home from school. Aphrodite twirled her hair with her finger, looking around all innocent. " he whispered, a look of nervousness, panic, and worry all in one in his eyes."No," Hermes said. This action caused churning and formation of foam in the sea.

Her name is derived from the Greek word “aphros” meaning foam from the sea.Aphrodite Cooks and the Singles Supper Club were born.The Singles Supper Club offered the unattached of Toronto an opportunity for like-minded singles to meet in a relaxed and interactive cooking environment.She took particular delight in causing her fellow Olympians to fall in love with mortals.(Zeus paid her back in kind by making her fall in love with the mortal Anchises—and conceive the hero Aeneas.) Like the other gods and goddesses, however, Aphrodite also harshly punished those who refused to honor her properly (in her case, this meant celibates or others who withstood the pleasures of love).Zeus felt this was the best step as Aphrodite’s beauty might cause jealousy and fights amongst the other gods.


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