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A job qualification for those in the LFL is to look sexy while running a 40-yard dash or being tackled.

Acis wants to fight him off, but Galatea persuades him not to.

Polyphemus throws a boulder on Acis, killing him in spite.

Las Vegas has welcomed a franchise of the Lingerie Football League while London's English National Ballet is presenting a new production of The Nutcracker. Those watching the new Nutcracker will be enthralled by the addition of Swarovski crystals.

) goes like this: the shepherds and shepherdesses of Arcadia live an idyllic existence in the woods, along with the water nymph Galatea.

Galatea has fallen in love with one of them, Acis, who returns her devotion, despite the warnings of the spirit Damon about the dangers of loving an immortal. but as in all Greek myths, mortal happiness cannot last.


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