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Laments of what that might mean for affected generations is a familiar, if muted, part of America’s ongoing cultural conversation.

It is hardly news that many parents are worried about the forces shaping how young people today think of sexuality.

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It is news that this concern is now shared by an unlikely figure: James Deen, a childless 31-year-old who happens to be the most famous male adult-film star of his generation.

(Be forewarned that graphic descriptions of sex are inescapable in what follows.)Deen has been making headlines for years.

And more graphic fare, like what Cinemax aired late at night, was always scrambled on our cable box. People raised in an era when schools banned Bart Simpson T-shirts are now parents themselves.

And many will give their teens, or even pre-teens, smartphones that give them access to the entire internet.

Brett Mc Bain, 51, and David Buckley, 54, admitted founding now defunct #The Other Place in 2014, describing it as "a channel for the respectful appreciation of youthful beauty" when in reality its sole purpose was to share indecent images.In one exchange outlined in the complaint, Jones reportedly told a 14-year-old "that she needed to 'prove' that she was his biggest fan" by sending explicit videos.Jones previously came under fire on social media in 2015 after another You Tube star called him out for asking his fans to send him "twerking" videos.Now run to your mail inbox and look for the My Free Cams message.Some mailbox providers are stupid and leave it at junk mail. ) click on the link: AND THE PROCESS WILL BE FINISHED!The court heard they met through another similar channel on the dark web before they decided to set up their own version.


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