Alliancedating kazakh women

As Israel cracks down on protests, Palestinians call for international support to thousands of political prisoners and researchers release a new report detailing corporate complicity in the Israeli prison system.

NEW YORK — As supporters of Palestinians held by Israel demonstrated across Palestine and beyond to mark the 41st Palestinian Prisoners’ Day on Friday, the number of Palestinian detainees topped 6,500, a five-year high.

Já Lahur Talabany, membro de uma organização curda de contra-terrorismo, havia afirmado esta semana que tem “99% de certeza que Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi está vivo” porque tem informações que confirmam que o líder do Estado Islâmico sobreviveu ao ataque russo.

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“The interviews were carried out during 2013 in the West Bank and Gaza,” Tom Anderson, co-author and Corporate Watch researcher, told Mint Press News about the report, “Imprisoned voices: Corporate complicity in the Israeli prison system.” Corporate Watch, an independent research group based in the United Kingdom, studies the impact of corporate behavior in various spheres, including Palestine.

“During that time we heard countless stories of imprisonment of children, detention without trial, torture and psychological pressure during interrogation and denial of medical treatment within the prison system,” Anderson said.


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