Sara evans dating

The album contained mainly traditional country music.

It was praised by critics, calling it one of the best albums of 1997.

Opportunity came when she met fellow musician Craig Schelske whom she later married in 1993.

Spending a little time in Oregon, Evans and Schelske were back in Nashville and started recording demos.

As proof that beauty can stem from pain, Evans and Barker connected because of their separate divorces.

“One defining moment was, I made the decision to walk into my office and email Jay Barker and say, ‘Hey, so-and-so told me that I should reach out to you.

While the grounds for divorce cited in the documents are “irreconcilable differences,” “inappropriate marital conduct” and “adultery,” the details behind the accusations are graphic, explicit and disturbing.

Among the claims made by Evans in the filed documents are: Evans also alleges that Schelske browsed personal ads on the Internet site Craig’s List for “three party sex” and “anal sex.” Evans also claimed that Schelske frequently threatened her and “told her that she is crazy,” threatened to take the children to Oregon and “continually interferes with [Evans’] possession of and parenting time” with their children.

A rep for Sara Evans released the following statement to Access Hollywood: “On Thursday, October 12, 2006 country music singer-songwriter Sara Evans filed for divorce from her husband Craig Schelske.

Before, when she had to sign promotional copies of an album for her record label, she found the added work a nuisance. “When was the last time you cried over an album like this?

Now she laughs that she is extra careful writing her name on each copy because she had to pay for every one of them.“Before, I would call the label and be like, ‘Can you send three boxes of CDs to my mom?

A tragedy struck at the age of 8 which led to her determination to become a singer.

An automobile accident forced her to sit on a wheelchair and sing to make up her medical bills.


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