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Before anything you will need to create a development team, if you don’t have one yet.It is a requirement before being able to create any app.

At first sight this might seem somewhat complex, but it isn’t.

Company url, if any: demo: XYQl Nw7mv4Describe your company in 50 characters or less: Swell connects vote-minded people What is your company going to make?

You can ask any A/B question and ask the community for their opinion, based on people’s choices we match vote-minded people. Consumer Is this application in response to a YC RFS? Got featured by kik and FB and had 2.5M people trying it. Launched How many active users or customers do you have?

By signing up, I consent to receive automated text messages at the number I have entered from Charlie Finance Co.

with financial management help, insights, recommendations, and offers.


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