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his Friday, 7 September Pete Travis’ eagerly anticipated cinematic adaptation of 2000 AD’s futurism science fiction character Judge Dredd or DREDD as it is now known will be unleashed into cinemas. It may be show BUSINESS but we seem to be in the throes of an age where film makers not only understand what key audiences want but can choose to act on it, as opposed to watering down stories to suit everyone they can choose, albeit a risky choice, to create art for people who will appreciate it.

And much like the way Alex Garland & Danny Boyle updated the Zombie genre with 28 Days Later I am hoping that with Alex Garland writing and the very visual Pete Travis Directing that DREDD sets itself apart and is one of those films that defines itself rather than letting audiences define it.

Admins are there to make sure the game is fun for everyone.

Pay attention to what they say and remember that they can't deal with everything.

Absolutely no advertising on the server or irc channel.

The in-game chat already scrolls by fast enough, so please don't add to the spam.

In DREDD’s black & white world view - dead or alive you will be judged!If someone was to explain him to you it would become apparent that he could be an oppressive force of the conservative establishment and a fascist with a seriously un-unhealthy relationship with guns.But I always saw him as the last line of defence in an out of control world.Tienes más de 300 salas para escoger pero, si lo que quieres es ligar, está es sin duda la mejor para ti.Cientos de personas de todas las edades y sexo están esperando a conocerte.In the mad apocalyptic ravaged, over populated future world (oddly not too dissimilar to our current global state of affairs) that 2000 AD creates where human traits and foibles are taken to their extremef - you can only win by being madder and more extreme.


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